Professional and client-centred care delivered using sterilized equipment and quality products.

Guided by nursing standards and best practice policies.

Focused on achieving optimal foot health through prevention, management and health promotion.


Nursing foot care can benefit anyone at any stage in life. The need for professional foot care has been growing over the last few years. This is largely due to the expanding population of seniors as well as the increased incidence of diabetes, a major risk factor for foot and leg complications. Beyond Toes Foot Care will meet identified needs within this demographic as well as addressing other populations. 

Examples of populations that may benefit from nursing foot care are:-

  • Children, youth or adults with ingrown toenails
  • Athletes with corns, calluses, blisters, damaged nails or athletes foot
  • Disabled or incapacitated individuals who are unable to perform self-care
  • Individuals with thickened and discolored nails due to infection
  • Diabetics for prevention of foot and leg complications that may lead to amputation
  • Individuals with dementia or other mental health deficit that prevents self-care 

Who can benefit from nursing foot care?

Nursing Foot Care is......

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Beyond Toes Foot Care is all about looking beyond the toes when it comes down to caring for feet. Our feet are an invaluable asset to our everyday existence. We depend on them heavily day after day to move us step by step through life. Despite this dependence, it seems our feet are the most neglected and unappreciated part of our body.

The aim of Beyond Toes Foot Care is to look further than the toes and focus on providing the attention our feet truly deserve. Beyond Toes Foot Care considers the whole person when assessing and planning care to achieve optimal foot health.